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As the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform. Travel Audience connects advertisers with the largest network of travel publishers. With customized banners. We help Travel Audience market its offerings within their vast network.

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With a data-driven network of publishers, advertisers and travel enthusiasts, Travel Audience reaches millions of travelers and helps advertisers target their listings. More than 300 advertising partners such as airlines, online travel agencies, tourism associations, marketing organizations and other providers rely on Travel Audience in marketing their products and services.

For the Travel Audience advertising partners, the factory produces performance display ads, which are marketed within the network. The campaigns will be played with seasonal priorities for different markets. This requires internationalization of campaigns with dynamic banners in various international languages. To guarantee the effectiveness of the performance of these campaigns in the markets, programmatic production processes and a high degree of automation are required. Our banner production tool “Pre-Publisher” makes it possible to produce high volumes in the shortest possible time and at the same time save on production costs.

Our services

  • Creation of an infrastructure for the scaling of production on a variety of online travel agencies and tourism associations.
  • Creation of banner concepts, based on brand specifications for international markets.
  • Production of dynamic display ads for airlines with international destinations.

Results achieved

  • Significantly reduced production costs through volume scaling.
  • Introduce of a centrally managed system for display ads productions in international markets.
  • Shortening of production times for advertising partners.

high volume, many markets, individual formats

By providing a scalable end-to-end solution for producing Display Ads in multiple languages, for multiple publishers and customers, Travel Audience was able to scale their campaign production with us. By increasing the production volume, we were able to significantly reduce production costs. For Travel Audience, the factory is the partner when it comes to scaling Performance Display Ads campaigns for its international partner network. With us, Travel Audience reacts quickly to seasonal changes in the various markets. Through programmatic production processes, a high degree of automation and creativity, we guarantee display ads that perform. Let’s talk about how to use our system for your campaigns.

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